Dr. Tadasu Sakai broached the idea of establishing a Working Group for Pediatric Nephrology in Asia in Philadelphia in 1980. After 6 years of further talks, core founding members were identified: Drs. Tadasu Sakai and Fumio Yamashita (Japan), KW Ko (Korea), CH Chen (Taiwan), RN Srivastava (India), WQ Kang (China), IGN Wila Wirya (Indonesia), Voranunt Suphipant (Thailand), Indon Lajin (Malaysia) and Carmelo Alfiler (Philippines).

The historic first symposium on “epidemiology and treatment of renal disease in Asian countries” was held in Tokyo on June 25, 1988. It would be followed by highly successful congresses in Nagoya (1989), Seoul (1991), Taipei (1993), New Delhi (1994), Manila (1996), Singapore (2000), and Jeju (2002).

In 1989, the group became known as the Asian Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ASPN), still with Dr. Sakai as leader. More pioneers joined